Rebalance. Rebuild. Reset.

Day 27 – Ask Why!

When the doctor says ‘you’re fine’ but you know otherwise. Keep pushing, keep investigating…ask WHY!

Day 26 – How Your Body Can Help You Overcome

Your challenge is to….fake it till you make it ….then fake it till you become it. This is one of my favorite talks on how your body can help you overcome….just learn how to use it! Invest 20 minutes and change how you present yourself to the world.

Day 24 – All Things Inflammation

Challenge what you know about inflammation and it’s treatment…. Fever – NSAIDS – PANS – Ice on athletes and much more!! WHY it is there is just as important as HOW you treat it.

Day 23 – Know Your Self Worth

Know your self worth. We have had 22 days of how to better care for yourself….but the recommendations are useless if you do not acknowledge your own self worth. You. YOU, with your past…..YOU, with your weaknesses….YOU….are worthy of care, respect, love and happiness. It’s time for you to claim it. This will take courage, […]

Day 22 – Pick Three

Had enough self care yet??! Well here’s a little list sure to have something for everyone!! CHALLENGE – Pick 3 and do them!!…….. Scratch off a lurker on your to-do list, something that’s been there for ages and you’ll never do. Change up the way you make decisions. Decide something with your heart if you […]

Day 21 – Challenge The Pattern Of Your Relationships

Self Care Challenge Day – 21 Challenge the pattern of your relationships. Continue our conversation with Marc Rizzo as he helps us shift patterns we have created in our relationships to a more productive, healthier level!

Day 20 – Forgiveness

Today’s challenge is…… forgiveness. For yourself, for others….who do you need to release? “We must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive. He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love. There is some good in the worst of us and some evil in the best of us. […]

Day 19 – Encourage Someone

Encourage someone. Pick one and do it today!! *Call someone you haven’t spoken to in awhile and let them know you appreciate them. *Write someone a note you see every day but don’t take the time to acknowledge. (Hint: SPOUSE) *Email/text/message a friend and let them know how thankful you are for being part of […]

Day 18 – Could You Benefit From A Nanny?

Today’s challenge…ask yourself…”Could I benefit from a Nanny?” Before you say ‘I can’t afford that’ or ‘WE couldn’t have a Nanny’…take a few moments to hear Leigh explain the many roles a Nanny could take in your home to reduce stress and make your home life more enjoyable!!

Day 17 – Accountability

We are half way through the month…so how many  ‘s can you put beside new things you have incorporated into your life? Your challenge today is…. accountability.  1 Learn from failure  2 Explore causes of your pain  3 Correct your BURPEE’S  4 ‘What is your SUPER BOWL’?  5 Post it Note Challenge  6 Name the area […]