Day 17 – Accountability

We are half way through the month…so how many  ‘s can you put beside new things you have incorporated into your life?

Your challenge today is…. accountability.

 1 Learn from failure
 2 Explore causes of your pain
 3 Correct your BURPEE’S
 4 ‘What is your SUPER BOWL’?
 5 Post it Note Challenge
 6 Name the area you need help in
 7 Live in the 98% – RELATIONSHIPS
 8 Food awarenesses – Inflammation
 9 Ball routine – Banker’s Back
 10 Daily postures for stress
 11 Three Pauses
 12 STOP self treating
 13 Body Awareness – Foot Position
 14 Sleep Protocol
 15 Stop Dieting
 16 Seek Professional Care

So how many new things have you tried? 1 out of 16….2??? We SAY we need to do better, but are you making changes?