Day 11 – Three Pauses

Adopt into your routine the

A daily pause….a monthly pause…and a quarterly pause.

Stress comes in many forms. It could be negative things or it could just be lots of ‘things’!! What the stressors are doesn’t change the fact that we need to find a way to separate ourselves from them to regroup, remind ourselves how to play, have fun, laugh and enjoy life….to keep from burning out and being crippled by those stressors that may always be there.

Here’s how it works….

Everyday, plan time, even 10 minutes to remove yourself from the business of your day to quiet the noise of life. This could be:
*An Epsom salt bath.
*Lunch break in your car with your favorite music. (NO PHONE/SOCIAL MEDIA)
*A walk
*Sitting by a fire with a friend/loved one…just…talking…..

Every month, plan an event that takes you away from your routine for several hours. Something special, out of the ordinary.
*A massage.
*A hike.
*A dinner date.
*A concert.

Every quarter get out of town. Literally remove yourself from your home, work, sights, sounds and people of the every day.

*If you live in the country, book a hotel in the city.
* Visit friends or family out of town.
* A day trip to explore an area of town you don’t usually get to.

You may think this is impossible…a year goes by and we lose so many opportunities to invest in our well being and the relationships that are most important to us…choosing rather to spend countless hours at our job, which is necessary but futile if we are unhappy.

How to make it happen….
1- Sit down with your significant other, your calendar and time…time to plan out each of these events.

2- Commit to following through no matter what. Even if you don’t feel like it. You can never go wrong investing in yourself and your loved ones.

3- Let go of excuses. No money? Find an alternative idea that still fulfills the pause.
No time? Make it. Learn to say no. YOU must be a priority in your life.