Day 6 – Own It

Self Care Challenge Day – 6
Your challenge for today is………



1- Victory over BITTERNESS

2- Have a better relationship with FOOD

3- Help managing your MONEY

4- Conquer your ANGER

5- Free yourself from FEAR.

6- Learn how to manage a diagnosis.

7- Earn better POSTURE.

8- Support in training your KIDS.

9- Learn to FORGIVE.

10- Decipher medication/supplements.

11- Repair your RELATIONSHIPS.

12- Become/Grow as a BUSINESS OWNER.

Day 4 – What Is The Super Bowl In Your Life?

From Leonard….

“I’m coming to you Live from Super Bowl 52…. I need to know something “What is the Super Bowl in your Life?” What are you working hard for? What are you sacrificing to win in your life? Stop doubting and start having faith that your hard work and effort are not in Vain. I look forward to hearing about your goals and your end game. What’s your Super Bowl?”

So there is your challenge, folks! #whatsyoursuperbowl

Stay tuned for more from Leonard, soon!

Day 2 – Learn More About Your Body

Did you know that are several different reasons why your body feels pain? If you don’t know why the pain is there how can you properly treat it?

Today’s challenge is to learn more about your body and why it is experiencing the feeling of pain. This way you will have a better chance of finding more effective results and have better questions to ask Healthcare Providers you may be seeking for that pain management.

Special thanks to John Bartemus for joining me in this interview and sharing information that will help us on our journey to TRUE health!